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Cultivating a vibrant and healthy noetic structure that reflects God’s design for my thought-life is one of my deepest passions, and I have enjoyed studying the intersection of faith & critical thinking for more than two decades.  I get excited when encountering new ideas and love to examine how they can be put to good use for the Kingdom!

I am delighted to share the passion of Saint Anselm of Canterbury (1033 – 1109) who held the idea that the Christian faith is naturally driven to understand the God we worship. A “faith seeking understanding” as he called it.  

As a lifelong learner, I naturally adored the privilege of doing years of graduate study at Talbot School of Theology at Biola University. There, I both thrived and was deeply challenged as I studied Critical Thinking, General Ontology, Epistemology, Philosophical Theology, & Ethics and how ideas in these wonderful areas are applied well to our culture.  

After completing my Masters and my Doctorate in Ministry (c) in these areas, I was blessed to enjoy almost 10 years of teaching adjunct undergraduate philosophy at various colleges on the East coast including the United States Pentagon. While I enjoyed academic life just for it’s sheer vibrancy, my unstated mission was really to assist in clearing away stubborn intellectual barriers to faith in Christ that trouble so many seekers in the post-modern and progressive climate of modern culture.

After stepping off campus into the classroom of parenting twins, I am still veritably blessed to continue using my background ministerially both in defending the veracity of the Christian Faith and in inspiring others toward the cultivation of what I call a well-formed thought life. 

I currently practice as a Critical Thinking & Life Coach because I believe Scripture is replete with the idea that transformation starts with the renewal of our cognition.  Truly, our mind is the rudder of our soul and thus we flourish and reflect the Imago Dei when we learn to both environ our beliefs, and examine them to adopt those that match reality, and work to jettison those which do not.  This is what it means to me to “Love God With My Mind.”

I help others who also wish to pursue this through a simple framework I developed called “Think to Empower Change.” I enjoy coaching others to use this framework because striving to become our best is truly for the purpose of serving others better. In this we move toward the call of Christ in Matt 22:37 to LOVE God and each other with genuine compassion.

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I write mainly about the intersection between critical thinking and spiritual growth.  I also comment quite a bit on the veracity of Christian Theism and the evidence for this.  

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