About Me

I’m naturally curious, very investigative, and really enjoy conversations with others about anything a bit deeper than the usual.  My undergraduate training was in cognitive psych, and I believed for a long while that I was going into that field professionally to put my analytic brain to good use! 

However, after working for some years, to my surprise  God delightfully redirected my path to study at Talbot School of Theology at Biola University. I asked Him several times if He was sure He knew what He was doing – HA! Because I could have never foreseen how absolutely enamoured I would become with the process of thinking about ideas. Big ideas, small ideas, complex ideas, simple ideas. It was glorious!  

At Biola, I trained under some of the most brilliant thinkers in modern philosophy, and they kindly and patiently helped me cultivate a passion for a well-formed thought life. 

After completing a Masters in Philosophy and a Doctorate in Ministry, I was again fortunate to actually become employed as a professor, and I enjoyed many years teaching undergraduate students how to cultivate that same passion! I soon discovered that I not only loved helping them grow academically, but also personally.  And grow they did!  It was a fantastic time and I loved every semester of it.

Life then took an amazing turn when in 2011, our 9 year journey to become parents came to fruition as I gave birth to our twins, John & Zoe. As an older parent (43) I knew I would need to pour everything I had into that role and being their mom is truly the most amazing thing that I’ve ever been gifted!  My family is truly my number one priority, and always will be.

Fast forward 11 years later and I find myself continuing to be veritably blessed to be able to use my beautiful training and experience in my latest adventure as a Critical Thinking & Mindset Coach.  I think it the best career so far as I still love  inspiring others to look at the way their mind works with a view to pursuing personal development. 

Coaching others in this way just continues to remind me how transformation truly takes place with our mind’s renewal. This idea is both scripturally grounded and scientifically well researched.  I’ve seen it happen so much that I know for a bonafide fact that when we wisely strive to bring our beliefs into alignment with reality, we also bring our lives into alignment with our purpose. We not only get to grow in the process, but as we do, we get to positively impact everyone around us that we care about. I just don’t know why anyone wouldn’t value that!

My Latest Musings…

I write mainly about the intersection between critical thinking and spiritual formation. I also comment quite a bit on the veracity of Christian Theism and the evidence for this.   


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