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Pursuing the cultivation of a vibrant and healthy thought-life that reflects God’s intentional design is one of my most ardent passions. Naturally curious and growth minded, I enjoy interacting with ideas and examining how they can be put to good use on both a personal level and for Kingdom work.

I find myself delighted to share the passion of Saint Anselm of Canterbury (1033 – 1109) who held the idea that faith should be naturally coupled with reason regarding the God we worship. A “faith seeking understanding” as he called it. I deeply resonate with this, and am so thankful that God never changes and that He desires to be known.

In my early 30’s, I had the delightful privilege of study at Talbot School of Theology (Biola University). There, I was deeply challenged to learn to think critically about ideas and their impact on our culture.  

After completing both my Masters in Philosophy and a Doctorate in Mind & Culture, I was blessed to enjoy almost a decade of teaching undergraduate courses in these areas with a primary mission to helping students  discover the joy of critical thinking and to have a productive voice in modern culture.

After stepping off campus in 2010 to parent newborn twins, I am still veritably blessed to continue using my background as a Critical Thinking & Mindset Coach, in addition to inspiring fellow believers to pursue personal development and deeper Faith. This is because  Scripture is replete with the idea that transformation happens with our mind’s renewal, and we truly reflect the Imago Dei when we wisely strive to bring our beliefs into alignment with reality. 

I call this practice the cultivation of a well-formed thought life and I believe this to be the best way to develop Christ’s compassion, influence culture and advance the Kingdom. In this way I “Love God With My Mind.”

My Latest Musings…

I write mainly about the intersection between critical thinking and spiritual formation. I also comment quite a bit on the veracity of Christian Theism and the evidence for this.   

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